So often in Keller Williams, and real estate in general, whether you are brand-new in the real estate game or a seasoned veteran, you will undoubtedly hear the reference to the term “sphere” or "sphere of influence" or "SOI" so much that it just becomes a natural part of your real estate jargon. But how can you most effectively utilize it in your business and learn how to continually grow it? After all, how amazing would it be to run your business primarily based off of your sphere- working with people that you know and WANT to work with! I know, I would take that over cold leads any day. 

      First, what we need to determine is the "who" an SOI actually consists of. Although the list is quite substantial, let's break it down so that you consider the ones you may easily forget, or people you may have not even considered. 

      The obvious people you can't wait to talk to about your real estate business is ultimately your friends and family, right? That's great, but let's dig a little bit deeper. The National Association of Realtor's Realtor Mag cannot stress enough that it is important to contact EVERYONE whether they are close or acquaintances. Think of anyone you may have casually met at church or your distant cousin that you haven't spoken to in 5 years. What about your yoga instructor, dog-sitter, bank teller, or even your hairdresser? All of these people matter and can benefit your business tremendously, maybe not immediately or directly, but staying top of mind can lead to referrals from these people, especially when you contribute to their business. Most importantly...DON"T PRE-JUDGE ANYONE! If you do, you will miss out on some amazing opportunities...and money! 

      Once you come up with this extensive list, now it is important to organize these individuals and record their contact information. Along with their names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are of utmost importance, but strive to get more personal information such as birthdays, anniversaries, favorite restaurants, and some fun facts. Break these contacts down into separate groups to make it easier to track as you begin to call them. For example, you can have family, work contacts, close friends, church acquaintances, exercise buddies etc.  

       You must understand that in order to reach consistency in your business, you need to be making phone calls to these lists every day. The more information you have on each person, the easier it will be to maintain a friendly conversation. Fortunately, since this is your sphere, you will most likely have some commonalities and things outside of real estate to relate to make these calls more comfortable.   

        After making your initial phone calls and having a conversation with every person, make sure to stay top-of-mind by continuously making some type of contact. This would include setting up a system that will e-mail, send letters, post cards, market updates, real estate news, new listings, any fun events that you think they would like to attend, as well as birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc. We all know that life happens and we can easily forget people we have met, but doing these activities consistently will make the difference between being just some real estate agent and being THEIR real estate agent who that person immediately thinks of when they or someone they know has a need.