I came across a great site called LikeAlyzer that provides a very simple and free way to do this by assessing your Facebook Page and providing suggestions to improve it.

It is not complicated to use and provides some simple but extremely valuable insights. 

Features of LikeAlyzer

  • Analyzes your Page to assess how well it performed in relation to other Pages.
  • Grades Your Page from a score from 0 to 100. Higher the score, the better.
  • Suggestions for improvements on your Page. You can see what you do well, but also what you need to focus on. 
  • Details of the top-performing Pages according to LikeAlyzer are provided for inspiration. 

How to Do It

There is no cost, setup or registration required. 

Just put in your Facebook Page name, then an online report is produced in seconds.

Be aware, however, that the report you run is not private. Other people can see reports run in LikeAlyzer.

Underneath the text box to enter your page name, you have the ability to browse other options:

  • Recent – This displays a list of the most recent Pages that were analyzed.
  • Popular – This displays the most popular Pages analyzed and listed in the order of number of fans.
  • Toplist – This is a list in the order of the Pages that achieved the highest score. 

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