Accountability, AKA responsibility. This can be seen as a great opportunity, and for some, can be a scary concept to grasp. Let's be real; being accountable can be a painful thing. This pushes us to maybe do some things outside of our comfort zones. I will tell you that no matter how driven and motivated a person is to grow and better themselves, the thought of being accountable for making magic happen will, in some way, make them cringe.  

We have lived our lives with the instinct, whether subtle or overwhelming, that stepping beyond what is normal and secure for us will lead us to fall on our faces. The most optimistic person will have a hint of doubt somewhere. I am here to tell you that IT'S OK. This is normal. You are not alone. Change is scary, but change moving you in an upward direction is both scary and fulfilling.  

Do you have any regrets? Or is there something that wish you would have done at some point in your life that now seems like a distant desire? And, ultimately, is the reason you have these loose ends because you were to scared to take the leap when you had the chance?  

Now is the time to change that. 

So let's put on our big-boy pants and understand that if you want to be successful in business or in life in general, you cannot do it all on your own. The most successful people in the world always have someone holding them accountable and pushing them to become better. Gary Keller's book The One Thing focuses tremendously on how accountability not only helps people grow, but increases the chances of reaching a goal or achievement by 85%. Now that's a huge percentage. I know what your thinking... "But what if I fail?"  

But what if you do nothing.  

You will achieve nothing. Accountability goes hand-in-hand with failure, and I mean that in a positive sense. If you ask any top successful individual, business owner, entrepreneur etc., they will tell you that failures are nothing but learning curves.  

Who is in your life who has wanted you to better yourself? Is it your spouse, your parents, siblings, friends? These are all amazing people brought into our lives to bring out the best in us (hopefully). Who do you have pushing you to be better business owner? The answer to this may not be as obvious.  

Owning your own business is a blessing but also means that you need a lot more extra juice to push yourself every day to keep you motivated. The biggest step and the first step is knowing that you need someone to push you past your limits aka comfort zone. You WILL NOT do it on your own, it's simply not human nature. You will let things slide, tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow, or say "it's not for me" or "I can't do that". The list of excuses can keep going. The last thing we want to hear is someone else telling us that "this needs done today" and "it is for you" or "you can, and you WILL do it". 

But isn't that what you need to achieve greatness? Someone to push you past the limiting beliefs and see your potential in a way that you may not see in yourself?  I challenge you to have a non-biased individual, whether someone you know or someone you may hire (coach) to give you a taste of what you can actually achieve if given the push outside of your comfort zone.  

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" - Neale Donald Walsch