Podcasts have been growing steadily in popularity, with 17% of Americans listening to podcasts monthly (and 10% listening every week). Source: Edison Research.

Whether you are looking for real estate news, coaching, marketing tips, or sales tricks, the following are 37 40 podcasts (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) that real estate agents should subscribe to today.

Note that some podcasts have episodes that are marked as explicit in iTunes and therefore may not be safe for work. Also, we included a few podcasts from agents aimed at consumers that might give you inspiration to create your own podcast. 

1. #WaterCooler

The #WaterCooler with Curaytor Co-Founders Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin is a show full of actionable advice, fun banter, and an invitation to join the hosts for a bottle of your favorite beverage, adult or otherwise. It’s definitely NSFW, but what you learn will definitely improve your work life. There are currently over 100 episodes featuring guests like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jay Baer, Scott Stratten, Tom Ferry (every episode is on YouTube and Water Cooler now airs live on Blab). A recent episode covered advanced Internet lead conversion. Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

2. The Marketing Genius Podcast

The Marketing Genius Podcast with Matt Barba & Seth Price invite leading real estate brokers, executives, marketers, and coaches to explore what it takes to manage relationships, create great content, and build a winning brand on the web. Listen on iTunes.

3. Unlisted with Brad Inman

Unlisted is a great podcast featuring Brad Inman, the Publisher of Inman News, interviewing some of the best and brightest in the real estate industry. With 30+ episodes and a killer lineup of guests, it's definitely one to check out. Listen on iTunes and SoundCloud.

4. Real Estate Coaching RadioReal Estate Coaching Radio with Tim & Julie Harris is the nation's largest real estate industry broadcast, reaching tens of thousands of agents & brokers across the nation. The podcast began in January 2015 and currently has 300 episodes. The most recent episode covers how to set practical, real-world goals that can lead to true real estate success. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

5. The Real Estate Sessions

The Real Estate Sessions with Bill Risser is a weekly podcast that began in late July 2015 and features in-depth conversations with awesome guests like Sean Carpenter, Katie Lance, Leigh Brown, Bill Lublin, and more. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

6. Elite Agents Real Estate Podcast

Elite Agents Real Estate Podcast with Debbie De Grote is for real estate agents or brokers who are looking for more insight and direction on how to get more listings, sell more homes to investors, and work with more buyers. The podcast began in November 2014 and currently has 100 episodes. A recent episode covers the art of selling. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

7. Real Estate Realities

Real Estate Realities with Robert Whitelaw shares insights, predictions, news, and information dedicated to the idea of helping buyers, sellers and investors in real estate achieve their goals. They also have interviews with authors and innovators who can help provide the kind of information that not only encourages success in real estate, but in any efforts you are pursuing to achieve financial independence. The podcast began in October 2015 and currently has 99 episodes. The most recent episode covers the importance of the open house, from how to advertise it to how to best interact with visitors. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

8. Real Estate Real World with Marguerite Crespillo

Real Estate Real World is hosted by Marguerite Crespillo, who began her career as a top producing agent before developing training classes and bootcamps to help other agents thrive in the current economy. The show began in June 2014 and has over 40 episodes to listen to. Available on iTunes and Stitcher

9. High Performance

High Performance with Josh Phegan and Alexander Philips is the podcast for real estate agents looking to dramatically increase their performance and productivity and take their business to the next level with insights into prospecting, vendor management, listing presentation, marketing, workflow, energy and self-management, productivity and growth. The podcast began in May 2015 and currently has 45 episodes. One recent episode covers narrowing your focus to the tasks most valuable to your business, using systems, and building teams. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

10. Super Agents Live

Super Agents Live with Toby Salgado includes interviews with over 200 of the top minds in real estate and beyond on what mistakes they made, how they reached their potential, and lessons they learned in sales, marketing, lead generation, mindset, and team building. The podcast began in December 2013 and currently has 244 episodes. The most recent episode covers the psychology of selling. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

11. Onion Juice Podcast 

Onion Juice Podcast with Neil Mathweg is both a podcast and a movement, designed to wake up and redefine the real estate industry by making a greater impact while eliminating the stress of it all. The podcast began in September 2015 and currently has 27 episodes. The most recent episode covers how some real estate agents give up early in their careers and offers shots of confidence and encouragement to keep new real estate professionals in the game. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

12. The Making Agents Rich Show

The Making Agents Rich Show with Darin Persinger and Jonathan Rivera is all about profitability. The show covers the systems agents need to stay more focused, be more productive, and close more transactions than ever before. One of their latest episodes covers what to do with all those old leads in your database. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

13. Real Estate Rockstars

Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban offers interviews with advice from some of the top agents, brokers, trainers and house flippers around the world. The podcast began in April 2014 and currently has 301 episodes. The most recent episode covers building relationships with your database.  Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

14. Agent Caffeine

Agent Caffeine is hosted by Kelly Mitchell, an entrepreneur with a desire to inspire industry innovation and help make other's lives easier. She and her guests bring a passion to every podcast while sharing new technologies and tactics to improve your business. Watch on YouTube, listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

15. Mike Ferry TV

A global leader in real estate sales training and coaching, Mike Ferry produces weekly episodes on topics like getting more listings, handling objections, the mindset of a successful agent, and more. A recent episode details the Daily Schedule of a Listing Agent. Listen/watch on iTunes, also available on Mike's website.

16. Commercial Real Estate Online

Commercial Real Estate Online with Josh Highman is for Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers around the world with hands-on, experience-based ideas and tips in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Sales, Leasing, and Property Management. The podcast began in February 2014 and currently has 100 episodes. Recently, Josh covered the best networking events to attend, what to know about your market, setting priorities in investment sales, and working with commercial investors.

17. Real Estate Uncensored

Real Estate Uncensored with Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson is a real estate marketing and sales training podcast that shares how to combine high-tech and high-touch methods to build a career in real estate. The podcast began in June 2015 and currently has 73 episodes. One of their recent episodes covers tech tools you can use to keep in touch with your database. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

18. The Brian Buffini Show

Renowned real estate coach and referral marketing master Brian Buffini recently started his own podcast - be sure to check it out. Listen on iTunes

19. Real Estate Sales Trainer and Coach

Real Estate Sales Trainer and Coach with James Festini (Curaytor client) is about selling real estate with the philosophy that whether you are brand new agent or if you have been selling for 50 years, you can always do better. The podcast began in May 2014 and currently has 65 episodes. A recent episode covers live doorknocking. Available on iTunes.

20. Real Estate Today Radio 

Real Estate Today Radio with Gil Gross opens doors for buyers and sellers with critical and credible information on the real estate market. While not directed towards agents, it will give you a taste of what your customers are learning about. The podcast began in June 2010 and currently has 301 episodes. A recent episode covers buyer and seller strategies in the Spring Market.

21. Real Estate UNCUT

Real Estate Uncut with Kevin Turner is Australia's online real estate show for real estate agents from leading industry professionals. This daily podcast features topics like property sales, property management, social media for real estate professionals, technology systems for real estate agents, property marketing, staff development and recruiting, personal and business development for real estate professionals, finding sellers and a lot more. Real Estate Uncut began in February 2010 and currently has over 1750 episodes! One recent episode covers time management tips, lowering stress levels, and KPI's. Available on iTunes.

22. Agent Marketing Syndicate

Agent Marketing Syndicate with Ryan Fletcher aims to fight the "guru party" and provide valuable information to help you rise to new heights. The podcast began in September 2014 and currently has 72 episodes. Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

23. Real Estate Pros Podcast

Real Estate Pros Podcast with Josh Cobb shares interviews with real estate pros who tell the story behind their journey in the business, moments they've failed, moments they've succeeded and what they've done to break through. The podcast began in October 2014 and currently has 71 episodes. A recent episode covers the lessons real estate agents can learn from literal rock stars like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

24. 7 Figure Attraction Agent

7 Figure Attraction Agent with Tom Panos interviews leading real estate attraction agents who tell their strategies for writing 7 figures year after year. The podcast began in July 2012 and currently has 149 episodes. A recent episode covers world class prospecting. Available on iTunes

25. Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio

Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio with Josh Cantwell is dedicated to giving real estate investors and agents the best, most up-to-date resources, training, tools, techniques, videos, news, interviews and insider information on today's best real estate investing strategies. The podcast began in April 2014 and currently has 81 episodes. One of Josh's recent episodes covers a 12 step money magnet process that you can use to fund your flips. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

26. The ONE Thing Podcast

The ONE Thing Podcast with Shon Kokoszka features interviews with successful individuals living extraordinary lives. Guests range from artists to fighter pilots to CEOs and entrepreneurs, including The One Thing author Gary Keller. Listen on iTunes

27. Good Morning New York Real Estate

Good Morning New York Real Estate with Vince Rocco will provide you with the most educated approach to a deal including introduction to the most qualified resources in the business of real estate to successfully buy and close a transaction. The podcast began in April 2014 and currently has 81 episodes. A recent episode covers the right questions for agents to ask to find the right buyers and sellers. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

28. Real Estate Success Rocks

Real Estate Success Rocks with Patrick Lilly explores relevant topics that inform, clarify and inspire while providing concrete tools and actions to achieve your unique goals. Their aim is to align your personal and professional lives to be in harmony, promoting true success and happiness. The podcast began in March 2015 and currently has 56 episodes. A recent episode covers mastering open houses. Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

29. The Real Estate Agent Next Door

The Real Estate Agent Next Door by Kyle Simmons and Michael McCarthy is a podcast that looks at residential real estate related issues, market updates, inside information, and best practices from a customer perspective. The podcast began in October 2015 and currently has 19 episodes. One of their most recent episodes covers 10 reasons not to buy a house. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

30. The Agent Edge

The Agent Edge with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is a residential real estate show that features interviews of top producing REALTORS who share information about their success. The podcast began in October 2015 and currently has 5 episodes. A recent episode covers the benefits of a family-run business from a mother-daughter realtor team. Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

31. Elevate Your Real Estate

Elevate Your Real Estate with George Morris and John Ciet is a show that strives to inspire you to create a platform for rapid success in real estate. The podcast began in March 2016 and currently has 6 episodes. A recent episode covers the importance of mindset and belief systems.

32. Real Estate Sales Show

Real Estate Sales Show with Danny Morel will share the exact systems, skill sets and belief patterns necessary to push you to increase production, efficiency and profitability. The podcast began in February 2016 and currently has 9 episodes. One of the most recent episodes covers the power of masterminds, coaching, selling psychology, the 5 minute rule, and more. Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

33. Yes Talk

Yes Talk with Kevin Ward delivers training on skills, strategies, systems, scripts and the success mindset for top-producing real estate agents. The podcast began in January 2015 and currently has 26 episodes. A recent episode covers the best way to convert internet leads into actual listings and sales.

34. Tom Ferry Podcast

Tom Ferry is someone scores of real estate professionals point to as the mastermind behind their achieving new levels of productivity, whether in the six or seven-figure range. With this podcast, his mission is to create short, impactful training sessions three times a week and make them accessible for anyone who wants the training. The podcast began in January 2016 and currently has 80 episodes. One recent episode covers romanticizing good and bad prospects. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

35. The Honest Real Estate Agent

The Honest Real Estate Agent with Mario Jannatpour offers training for a successful first year and beyond as a real estate agent. The podcast began in May 2014 and currently has 88 episodes. A recent episode covers how to create a healthy relationship with money. Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

36. GSD Mode

Joshua Smith hosts GSD Mode - short for "Get Shit Done." And with nearly 100 episodes aired since November 2015, Joshua clearly knows how to GSD. A recent episode is all about the excuses we make instead of getting over hurdles. Watch on YouTube, listen on iTunes and Stitcher

37. Real Agent Stories

Real Agent Stories is a new podcast from Marguerite Giguere. With one episode published at the time of this writing, we're excited to see more of what's to come!

38. Keeping it Real

Keeping It Real with Jeff Manson (Founder of Real Geeks) and Frank Klesitz (CEO of Vyral Marketing) is a monthly hangout with top producing agents and rising real estate stars from all over the country. Watch on YouTube, listen on iTunes and Stitcher

39. Mobile Agent TV

Mobile Agent TV, co-hosted by David Fauquier and Michael Thorne, is a weekly show that provides cutting edge insights for real estate agents. Recent guests include Brad Inman, Chris Smith, Scott Stratten, and Leigh Brown. Watch on YouTube, listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

40. Wright Brothers Podcast

The Wright Brothers Podcast is hosted by Corey and Casey Wright, two second-generation real estate brokers. Each week, the Wright Brothers uncover the marketing, technology, and business strategies needed to compete in the current real estate landscape. Watch on YouTube, listen on iTunes

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